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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-01Aerobic bacteria in bovine livers infested with Fachiola giganticaOsman, Ali Babikir
2011An alternative linear function for standard form of cobb Douglas production funcctionAbd.Eledum, Hussin Yousif
2015An Analytical Study of the Interrelatedness between Anxiety Patterns and EFL Students’ AchievementBaloul, Tagelsir Elobeid Elfaki
2015-05Analyzing Past Tenses Errors Made by EFL Learners at Tertiary Level (A case study of semester8 Students, 2015 - Faculty of Arts - Shendi University - Sudan)Hassan Mergani, Mohamed Aidaroos
2004The Ancient History of the Sudan: Image and realityEisa, Khidir Adam
2018Antimicrobial Activity of Acacia nilotica Extracts Against Bacteria Isolated from Wound InfectionFadelmola, Abdel Hafeez Gasmel Seid
2013Antimicrobial Activity, Toxicological, Hematological and Biochemical Effects of Fagonia cretica linn in SudanJah Allah, Omer Abbas Mohamed
2018Applicability of discharge program for patient post pacemaker implantation among intensive care unit ¬- in Sudan Cardiac Centersalman, mathani boushra noor eldeen
2019Application of genetic polymorphism & gene experience of RSPONDIN3 as biomarker of cardiometabolic traits associated with or without obesity in sample of Sudanese patients in Khartoum state.Alkinain, Ashraf Mohammed Adam
2018Application of Infection Control Guidelines Among Nurses Working in Selective Hemodialysis Centers in Khartoum City 2018Tiya, Alaa Ibrahem Kowa
2017Assessment of Malaria Control Program in Shendi locality - River Nile State (2015– 2017).Nemer, Abubaker Elgassim Yassin
2014Assessment and Measure ofStress Level among Nurses in ElmekNemir University HospitalElnaiem, Mohamed SalihElebeed
2017Assessment Knowledge of Nurses about clinical alarms in critical setting in ELRebat University Hospital -August2017Mahmoud, Hedaya Wally sayed
2018Assessment Mothers Knowledge Regarding Irrational Uses Of Antibiotic in Sharge Algzeria Locality from May to NovemberAlbader, Basmat Hassan Alshiek
2018Assessment Nurses Knowledge and practice about a needle stick injury in Omdurman military hospital – Omdurman City - Sudan 2018Habeeb Allah, Khawla Babiker Ali
2018Assessment Nurses’s Knowledge Regarding Road Traffic Accident Emergency Management in Omdurman Military Hospital in 2018Mohamed, Ahmed Alhussien Ahmed
2014Assessment nurse’s Knowledge Regarding Management of Post-Birth HypothermiaHassan, Eman Mamoun
2018Assessment of Antibacterial Activity of Green Tea Against Bacterial Eye Infection in Shendi TownHassan, Areeg Abd Allah
2016Assessment of Anxiety During Hospitalization in Preschool Children in Atbara HospitalsMohamed, Amani Abd Elrhman
2011Assessment of Biological Allergens in Air & Settled Dust in Shendi townDawoud, Abdelsalam Mohammed